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Delaware Water Gap at 10 miles
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Mt. Minsi Area Map - NPS


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Rules of the Appalachian Trail
For the day traveler Tiger-USA recommends plenty to drink, good hiking shoes, a cellular phone (in case of emergency) and a camera. Spraying your self silly with a can of OFF is also recommended. Traveling in groups makes the trip and pictures more fun.

October 9, 2010 From Mt. Minsi, PA Lookout Rock
October 9, 2010 - From the Delaware Water Gap

Click here for Hi-Resolution's favorite hiking space is the Delaware Water Gap in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Just take Exit 310 off Interstate 80 toward Route 611 South (Road Map), and you'll wind up near this small part of the Appalachian Trail. The flexibility of this trail gives you many options to choose from . You can take as little as a short 30 minute walk to a 6 hour daytime workout hike or even an extreme weekend overnight camp out at the top of Mt. Minsi.
While the entire Appalachian Trail stretches from Georgia to Maine, the portion of the trail described here stays entirely in the state of Pennsylvania and is managed by the
National Park Service.
Entry to our favorite trail begins at the scenic overlook which resides on Route 611, about 1/2 mile south of the town of Delaware Water Gap.

Note: the town of Delaware Water Gap, PA itself is a historic meld of gift shops, homes and antique stores worthy of a leisurely stroll, if you wish to extend your time in the area.

Map of Delaware Water Gap portion of Trail
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The entire trail covers less than three miles, but, it encompasses over 1,250 feet in vertical distance
Mt. Minsi Area Map from National Park Service
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Council Rock - Destination #1
Time one way: 0:15
Time round trip: 0:30

Council Rock Lookout spot #1
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The first lookout spot, called Council Rock, is accessible to almost anyone. It is a relatively easy 30 minute round trip from the Route 611 scenic overlook parking lot. From this spot you can view the Interstate 80 bridge as it crosses the Delaware River.

White trail markers on trees guide you along the Appalachian Trail
Don't forget to look out for those
WHITE and LIGHT BLUE tree markers. There are a few turns and you don't want to get lost!

Eureka Creek
Destination #2

Total time one way: 0:35
Time round trip: 1:00

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  Eureka Creek Sign

Eureka Creek is a refreshingly cool clear water creek, which flows down from Lake Latini. Although has no knowledge of the quality of this water, but it is extremely clear.


Lookout Rock - Destination #3
Time One Way: 0:45
Time Round Trip: 1:15

Lookout Rock Posting
Lookout Rock - Panoramic view - Click for larger
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This vantage point affords an excellent view of the Delaware Water Gap and River. From this point the "novice" can make their way back to the car and call it an afternoon.
NOTE: From this point on the trail becomes noticeably steeper, rockier and strenuous. If you decide to traverse these trails be  careful!

So far, you have traveled about 300 feet in altitude up the trail. The trip to the next lookout on the trail requires hiking at about 20-30 degrees and covers about 600 feet of additional altitude. The views from this level are dramatic and worth the workout. While on the way be sure to view the surroundings of this area.


Interstate 80 Travels toward the rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains
NW View from Lookout Rock

At this point, you have hiked vertically the equivalent to the top floor of the Chrysler Building in New York city (77 floors)

To the left is a view looking out toward the Northwest from Mt. Minsi. Interstate 80 crosses the bridge from NJ into PA in the foreground. In the background, the "rolling hills" of the Pocono Mountains. Except for the highway, it seems the trees are endless.

Also to the left from the same travel point, but looking to the NNE, is this view to Mt. Minsi's sister mountain (Mt. Tammany) on the NJ side of the Delaware water Gap.


Below, a very interesting tree we just could not resist capturing here. We call it the Mushroom Tree.
Our half way marker - The Mushroom Tree
A Mushroom Tree?

Mount Minsi - Destination #4
Time One Way: 1:50
Time Round Trip: 3:00

Lookout #3 - View of NJ to the Northeast
Mt. Tammany (NJ) Click on picture for Hi-Res Image


The Vista Lookout - Destination #5
Time One Way: 2:15
Time Round Trip: 3:30

Vista Lookout - Panaoramic View - Southwest
View from the Vista Overlook (SPRING)
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View from the Vista Overlook (October 9, 2010)
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The VISTA overlook is perhaps the most panoramic of all the views. Looking South over the Delaware River
It seems one can see for over forty miles on a clear day. At over 1,300 feet from the base of the Delaware River (1,463 above sea level)
this scenic overview also affords a small area for naps or picnics before your trip back down the mountain.
Check the rules for limitations.
NOTE: Continuing beyond this point on the Appalachian Trail exceeds the area overseen by the National Park Service.